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Pay Per Click Management

Look for the right clique.

Hanging out with the major search engines is cool, but it takes time and expertise to achieve top rankings—one big reason that pay-per-click search engines are gaining in popularity. It can take as long as a few months before major search engines can index a new site. Pay-per-clicks can start attracting searchers to your website before it's fully indexed and searchable in the major engines, getting you up, in the running, and to the top fast!

With years of expertise in pay-per-click management, Endora Digital Solutions understands that the relevancy of your ads to browsers is key to getting good placement, and we're skilled at choosing the keywords suitable for attracting the right type of visitors to your site. Because you pay per word, getting prospects to your web pages can get expensive quickly. We can also guide you in determining the rate you're willing to pay for each click on the keywords you have selected. With pay-per-click, search results are ordered after the highest bid on the searched keyword. As an advertiser, you only need to pay if the searcher clicks on your link!

Endora's management can help you reach better ROI from pay-per-click programs because:

  • Traffic is generated immediately
  • You only pay for the service when a visitor hits your website
  • Your placement ranking is limited only to what you are willing to bid
  • Conversions are increased through optimization
  • There is no term commitment

Keywords. Clicks. Rankings. Optimization. At the end of the day, what do they all mean to you? Every month, Endora Digital Solutions will provide you with those answers in terms that will not only make sense, but provide you with information that will help direct you to the top of the search engine pecking order. We'll show you where you currently rank within the top search engines per term, measuring each keyword's effectiveness by the number of clicks it elicits. You'll know which terms are working, which ones are not. You'll be able to compare the activity and dollars spent on all of your pay-for-performance accounts. Endora will catch any red flags that seem to be impeding your progress, make recommendations, and all changes necessary to move you forward!

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