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Search Engine Registration

Focus on performance.

Search engines come and go. Yahoo! and Google are in the spotlight now, but MSN and ASK are gaining quickly. Excite and Hotbot power one another, but both of them charge you. The Internet's biggest engines are revving up big prices. But do you really have to pay top dollar for top placement? By the time you read this, it all could have changed!

How much do you really know about search engines? Enough to score the position you want on search results lists? Or only enough to get you into trouble?

Endora Digital Solutions knows that search engine registration is a laborious, continuous process that requires frequent URL submissions, constant re-optimization and an intimate knowledge of—and confidence within—the Internet environment. Through basic search engine registration, with nominal pay per submission fees, we can ensure that each major search engine recognizes your site. While basic registration does not guarantee top placement, it does allow your site "popularity," which helps in all-around rankings.

Because search engines are constantly undergoing an evolution in rankings, Endora is constantly undergoing an evaluation of their performance. We make it our business to monitor up-and-coming engines that promise great exposure for less expenditure (some of the newer engines are still free)! We track their progress and performance and make sure your website is on them if you can get billing on or near the top.

With Endora Digital Solutions, you're seen more, but you spend less. Our Search Engine Registration team

  • analyzes high-performance terms/keywords from your competitive set
  • optimizes the user-friendliness of your site to make sure you're found organically
  • registers you in the top 25 search engines, applying only minimal costs
  • registers your press releases with press release websites
  • reviews monthly, improving pages with low-rankings to move them forward

It isn't only a matter of money. It's a matter of time. Submitting the URLs for your website to the right search engine companies for your business takes patience, persistence and a lot of time you don't have. Focus on making money with your area of expertise and use Endora's insight to help you make even more! Partner with Endora Digital Solutions and start seeing results sooner.

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