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Stop searching for new customers.
                     They are already searching for YOU.

They're out there. Qualified buyers, actively hunting your products. Needing your services. Seeking your expertise. So why aren't you in their sights? Because your website isn't where they're looking!

Whether you're a start-up or a Fortune 500 leader, exposure in all the right places begins with Endora Digital Solutions, a Chicago-based Internet marketing specialist. With over a decade as the interactive right arm of full-service advertising agency Stevens & Tate Marketing, we've grown up with the Internet and fine-honed strategies formulated to keep you in the spotlight and keep you on budget.

Endora's Internet marketing and PPC management services will help you create a strong Web presence, drive traffic toward your site using a variety of media, and track users once they get there

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization
Through term analysis, review of your competitive set and strategic keyword selection, we'll make your website user friendly, so the search engines find you organically. Endora will strive to put you on top of search results pages—and keep you there. Learn more about search engine optimization.

Pay Per Click Management
Want to play with the big boys? Let us do your bidding for placement in Google, Yahoo and other engines' search results on terms that are relevant to your business. We'll also oversee your Pay-For-Performance account management. Learn more about Pay Per Click Management.

Search Engine Registration
Submitting the URLs for your website to the right search engine companies for your Internet strategy takes patience, persistence and a lot of time you don't have. Let Endora assume this repetitive task.
Learn more about search Engine Registration

Reciprocal Link Building
Building reciprocal links with general and industry-specific directories and other relevant websites can improve your site’s search relevance ranking, moving you up the list on search engine results pages. We know how!
Learn more about Reciprocal Link Building

Directory Submissions
It's critical that placement on—and information in—your industry's directory is there and correct, so customers can find your website before they find your competitors'. Endora can help you research directories, submit your information and keep it current. Learn more about Directory Submissions.

Social Media Marketing
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more! Social Media is quickly becoming the most popular way online users discover and share information. We can put together a Social Media Marketing Program catered to your specific needs that will increase both your website and brand’s visibility. Learn More about Social Media Marketing.

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